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More Poetry

Seems everyday we're hearing about road rage,
this example here would be a hit on stage.
Going thirty-six in a thirty-five zone,
when behind, the flashing lights came on.

Sara pulled over and came to a stop,
muttering something about a stupid cop.
He swaggered up alongside her car,
like a drunk leavin' the local bar.

He was so overweight, how could he walk?,
but she figured that she better not talk.
After he handed her the speeding ticket,
out it slipped, when she said, "stick it."

He said, "Ma'am, what did you just say?,
guess I'll have to haul you away."
She glared at him, right in the eyes,
saying, "go pick on someone your own size.
But perhaps they no longer get that big",
and under her breath said, "what a pig."

He replied, "lady, I heard what you just said,
guess I'll have to put you in jail instead."
"Okay," she stated, "you've had your fun,
now you can put away that big ole gun."

One mile over the speed limit is not too fast,
many cars around her had flown right past.
She yelled, "you know that you've really made me mad,
get outta my sight, and tear up that ticket - - DAD!!

written about me by Jim AKA Rapid-Fire

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